Open Letter to a Doctor

Open Letter to a Doctor

Dear Dr. Vinograd

I have a somewhat strange question for you. I do not know if this falls within your scope of knowledge .. but your opinion or advice would be most appreciated.
My name is Luna Yatsula and i am presently trying to cure myself of cancer using the Cesium Chloride High PH therapy..based on the work of DR.Brewer and Dr.Sartori. among other things diet, mind power etc. i am also wearing negative magnets on the tumor are as part of a magneto therapy.

I have adreno corticol that has metastisized to the the liver, I have two very big uncomfortable tumors there.. but nothing anywhere else.)the original adrenal tumor was removed two years ago) I have the usual liver problems… swollen legs, fatigue sometimes itchyness… but i must say that compared to others in my state I am doing well.. i think..

I mean according to allopathic doctors i was suppossed to have died three months ago…so i have already passed my ¨Deadline¨ BUT i am not free yet.. the tumors are still there. Perhaps they have stopped growing i do not know.. but they are there..
Anyways, i am a young mother 33 with a 8 month old baby so i have to at LEAST TRY to cure myself.

My situation is this, i have decided to give myself a complete break from going to the allopathic doctors..including going for CT, MRI etc… until i feel i can go again. I mean i have already passed my deadline and they just keep saying to me ¨there is nothing that we can do´.. prepare yourself to die´ etc so why waste my time…with all their negativity.. i would walk in feeling strong , healthy, postive and they just rip me down with all of their doom and gloom. AT this point i either will die ) and i can do that without their help= or i will get again why waste precious time at the hospital.

So i am left a little on my own and could use your objective guidance.
My questions to you are-

1.Are you familiar with the side effcts of inducing a astate of alkalidosis- )i was told to bring my blood ph up to 8 or 8.5 at which point the tumor should at least stop growing and at best start dying and shrinking…. ) i am suplementing potasium as i am aware of that.. but i am experiencing a variety of aches in the tumor area, nausea, a lot of swelling in the legs and i am just trying to differentiate between the pains and problems of the liver disfunction and the HEALING PAINS!!! which however hard to bear are more than welcome!!!!!!

2. Does the body ¨poop out the tumor¨ or how does it get rid of it if it is going to. As i mentioned i have a lot of achy pain in the tumor area….)which i am told is a ¨healing Pain¨… this has been followed by a couple of days of very black tarry stools. This according to allopathic doctors is bad sign, i checked on the internet, a sign of some internal bleeding in the upper GI tract etc… BUT I FEEL GREAT whenever i ..excuse my foul language…. poop the stuff out.. i feel lighter and somehow relieved. Some peopl say that it could be bits fo the liver dying and bleeding.. but could it also be bits of the tumor dying and bleeding.

I have read one testimonila of a man who cured his own cancer with urine therapy, liver cancer actually,and he mentioned ´pooping out chunks of fleshy red tumor like bits amid black and foul stool…and bout of agonizing abdominal pain .. and six moths later no tumor.
I just want to know could this be happening to me.

I did go the first time this happned to the hospital.. and the was no internal hemorraging…could this be my tumor going away.

3. How does the body get rid of tumors does it reabsorb them or do people.. poop them, vomit them get skin eruption etc…

4. Is there another way to monitor tumour growth just through blood analisis.
Thank you and all your readers for your time.

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