Open Letter to a Doctor #3

Open Letter to a Doctor #3

hi there,

i need serious advice. i have a metastasis of cancer in my liver, a large tumor about the size of a grapefruit, and two small ones. i have been given the death sentence, 6 months to live!!!!

as you can imagine i am trying to cure myself. i am doing Hulda Clark e’s cure for cancer and i wan to do the liver flush. does ant one know if that would not be a good idea?

i figure it will either cleanout the liver and help me cure myself or at least keep me healthy longer…. but i was also thinking that it could over tax my liver.

having been given the death sentence i suppose i have nothing to loose, but i dont want to speed up my ‘potential’ death…

i am a 32 year old strong otherwise healthy female who feels great, except for the fact that the doctors say i am goin to die.  my liver functions and enzymes are all normal..

please if anyone can advise i am desparate with a brand new baby

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