Open Letter to a Doctor #2

Open Letter to a Doctor #2

i originally posted on the liver flush forum and osmeone suggested i write to you.
i had adreno cortico carcinoma (adrenal gland cancer) last year, they removed a huge!! 18oogm tumor, but it had not yet metastasized…
now june 2004 after i have just given birth to my new baby boy they have found a large grepufruit sized tumor in my liver,left lobe,plus two small ones in the right lobe.. they are confirmed malignant metastasis of the original adrenal cancer.

the doctors say it is an inoperable sutuation and have written me off saying that there is nothing to be done for me and that i will be dead in 6 months if the tumor keeps growing at tits present rate… at the moment though i feel fine healthy, strong and have normal liver and enzyme functions…but that is what they say.

i am familiar with the 5 cleanses and the liver flush keeps coming to my mind!! i want to know if it safe for me to do it considering the prescence of the tumor?
i figure either the flush will clean me out and help to improve my over all health and perhaps cure me..or it may overtax a liver that already has some odd situation?

i suppose i do not have anything to loose considering i have been given the death sentence .. so fear is not the issue .. but i don’t want to speed up any potential death..

please helpif you can. i was told that you also were “termninally ill” and cured yourself..any advice..

luna and her new baby boy of three weeks

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